Practice Areas

The firm deals with CIVIL and CRIMINAL metters, also internationally, with a particular focus on

- Company law

- Professional liability

- Real estate law

- Property protection

- Law of succession

- Heritage and Art law

Within company law, a special department has been set up, named CONSULTING D.LGS. 231/2001. It involves experienced professionals and is dedicated to development and management of organizational models as provide by regulations in force. This activity is performed with the help of an electronic management platform, that helps the experts' work.

Risk management of companies active in different areas is strictly linked to professional liability, a growing issue that professionals focused on this matter comprehensively tackle.

For what real estate law is concerned, the firm offers assistance and consultancy during negotiations related to real assets of different nature and intervenes in possible implementation of tools aimed at protection of family assets.

Often, real assets are subject to legal or hereditary succession. In this regard, the firm manages all pratical aspects related to succession declaration and cadastral registration chance (information on list of documents to produce, complilation of official set of forms and their exibition to Authorities).

Sometimes, when a succession has to be faced, handing over of works of art and collections within the process of donation and inheritance have to be managed. The firm offers comprehensive support with reference to complex and delicate issues peculiar to arts market to private clients, foundations and companies involved in the world of art, for passion, succession or investment reasons.





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